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Re: Educational texts - written language teaching

>> Well, any comments are welcome!  I wouldn't like to lay time on
>> something not worth it!
> I have only compliments. 

Thank you, but I don't see it as a good text myself yet.  I'm just
interrested if it's in the right direction, to have something to work

> Maybe you should also produce a set of images, representing those
> things adapted to age 6-7 (baby, ball, mummy,...)

Do you mean for the lletters-program, or what?

> Because of these images (seem to me necessary), and also for the
> fonts, it would be better to work with an artist. But not
> necessarily. Why not trying to motivate somebody doing nice
> pictures for some children litterature ? Thus your idea could
> become just a legendary children universe !

I'm not quite sure what you mean.  All things I've written about are
things allready functional, and I've tested it myself, so that I
don't just write about future visions.

The program Lletters (from lln) could need more pictures, yes, and
needs translation to be used in more countries (ie my own :-)).  I
don't know about free pictures, but I would think that it could be
found searching the Net.

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