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RE: [seul-edu] RE: ICQ and Security

On 27-Apr-00 jm wrote:
> Flame me,
> but what is the advantage of using ICQ over a classic IRC client ?

The only advantage you have is the user list: Immediatly afer you get
connected, all your friends know that and start talking. With IRC you have to
open the client, connect to the regular channels you visit and hope that the
person(s) you want to talk with get in the same channel. Basically, is lazyness
against features.

> Concerning netbus or any windows trojan , they don't run under linux,
> so there is no risk at all...
> But what you then have is "idiot attack"* like having the passwd file send 
> or any other classic social engineering attack...

Use shadow passwords: only root can get the list, but you`re right, those are
the most dangerous attacks.

> Anyway a safely configured linux is way more secure than any windows box...
> you might want to check Bastille-Linux which is a "patch" for RedHat in 
> order to get a secure linux for use in education:
> http://bastille-linux.sourceforge.net/
> * by "idiot attack" I mean someone tell you to do that and since you're not 
> aware it's dangerous, you do it...
> --
>   jm

Jaime Herazo B.
E-Mail: jherazo@geocities.com
Date: 28-Apr-00
Time: 20:42:16

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