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[seul-edu] School timetabling free (GPL) software for GNU/Linux

Dear Sir/Sirs,

I was searching the web for anything related to this subject, when I found
an e-mail in which you were asking (or were asked) for help regarding this
matter. This is exactly what I have been doing for some time. You might be
interested in looking on my page, "algorithms.ro", download and try the
free (GPL) software "timetable". It is a software for automatically
generating the timetable of a faculty, but it may be used for
primary/high-schools as well.  Please contact me if you are interested in
helping me with this project or promoting this program. Any feed-back will
be much appreciated, including results obtained with this program. For the
moment, all tests I have done were made with random data, and it seems that
the program is working very nice.

PS: You will need Qt 3 for running this program (Qt 3 free version for
GNU/Linux, preferably with KDE 3).

Thank you for your attention,
Liviu Lalescu.