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[seul-edu] ISO phase 2 update

I worked with a teacher friend today and evaluated running versions of
some of the language apps that had passed Phase 1.

Ding, gnomecompjugador, klettres, and kvocabulary meet the Phase 2
requirements--they clearly have scholastic uses.  We tried to eval
JLatin (a java app), but we couldn't get it to actually load any of its
data files.  It didn't run under Kaffe, but it did do so under Sun's
J2EE java environment.  That was a pity, as it looked really good from
the website.

We couldn't immediately eval mydict or enrus, as I didn't have Chinese
or Russian fonts installed on my system.  We tried Saxogram, but it
refused to work with any language other than German, and the only text
file I had to parse was in Latin.  I'll work on remedying those problems
and retry those apps later.

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