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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Metadot Portal Server

Description: The Metadot Portal Server is an open-source point-and-click website builder that allows non-technical users to build powerful websites and portals in just a few minutes.

Metadot Portal Server is based on Apache, Perl and MySql, and runs on Unix-based operating systems like Linux, Solaris, and MacOS X, as well as Windows.

The Metadot Portal Server has been deployed in many global corporations and leading universities. It is reliable and scalable, and can support very large communities of users.

Community (free) support is available in the Community section. Commercial support is also available.

Author: Daniel Guermeur

Homepage: http://www.metadot.net

License: GNU Public License

Category: Intranet 

Name: timetable

Description: Automatically schedule the timetable of a faculty (or high-school) using genetic algorithms.

Author: Lalescu Liviu

Homepage: http://algorithms.ro

License: GNU Public License

Category: Research