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[seul-edu] RE: [school-discuss] Linux in education report #94 for April 21

To pre-empt any bad feelings that might result, it's not mine... I was
just one of the people that helped get it started! Thanks for the headline
placing though - hopefully this will generate some more membership ready
for the official launch.



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It's here:


"Chris Puttick's Schoolforge UK organization is developing nicely.  The 
various localized Schoolforge groups are intended to be something like 
LUGs, but with the emphasis on the educational side of the balance 
rather than on the Linux side.  So rather than having an occasional 
educational theme within a more general LUG, the Schoolforge groups will

be focussed on education at all times, with Linux, open 
documentation/texts, free curricula, etc. as their regular topics. 
Another local Schoolforge group is getting started in Bangkok (it's 
unclear as yet whether it will be called Schoolforge Bankok or 
Schoolforge Thailand).  We expect to see more in the future."

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