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Re: Invitation to visit Disney Imagineering

At 02:29 AM 8/1/99 -0500, Ian Bicking wrote [in part]:
>Quite true.  Is there anyone else who has used Squeak or 
>Smalltalk at all?  Is there anyone who's interested in starting?

Well ... last night, I downloaded the Linux and Windows versions of Squeak,
and I plan to install them as soon as I finish a couple of current projects.
I only played with Smalltalk before this, but I find I still have the old
Digitalk Smalltalk V 286 around, and I know there's a Smalltalk for Linux.

As a preliminary to this investigation, let me raise one threshhold
question. Are we interested in looking at Squeak as

        a. a development platform for cross-OS educational applications (in
the style of Java, only, presumably, better)?


        b. a programming environment suitable for teaching programming
concepts and technigues to K-12 students (in the style of LOGO, only,
presumably, better)?

or both?

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