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Let me introduce myself.

   Hello SEUL readers,

  After a week lurking into your list I decided to start posting

some of my thoughts. However, please let me fist introduce myself,

where I am coming from and where i am trying to go.

Three and half years ago I switched to a Linux system and shortly

our whole family was using Linux exclusively. We got used to the

comfort of having each password protected X-windows session, which

run concurrently year round and never crashing. The children did

not notice, that they are missing the latest shoot'em games but

what I miss as a parent is a quality educational software.

   As we see the quality of schools low and rapidly falling, the

started to supplement the education with homeschooling, which

although effective at times can become quite tiresome.

   Therefore I am interesting in proliferating Linux, but more

that that I am focused on a quality curriculum and the most effective

methods of conducting instruction. I am looking for very simple

and effective software that cat take most of my load, so that

I do not have to devote personal attention to several children at

once. The software that I need would simply:

    * Generate new exercises

    * Asses the general correctness of results

 I would gladly help with developing an effective curriculum and

with progressing towards consice software for homeschoolers.


                                                    Petr Vicherek

Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis
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