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Re: Activity sheets

Doug Loss wrote:
>    When last we talked about this you were going to take a week to think
> about whether you wanted to take on a new seul-edu project to develop
> downloadable activity sheets.  Time's up--what's the verdict?

It will die.

At this stage, linux just isn't the place for it - a modern macintosh
with a scanner would make it possible for any teacher to do it
themselves, and a graphics package with a decent interface is more or
less a prerequisite.

I feel strongly that care should be taken about bringing new projects
into the world, and this doesn't meet my criterion.  If nothing else,
my own lack of belief in it will doom it.

As I was digging around in that direction, I found an unmaintained
program, and started making it more useful.  If it comes to anything,
I'll report back.