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Re: Ssoftware Page

One of the best user admin bits of software I have seen for linux is

I am working on implimenting NIS in this computer lab (compiling xpaint
while I type this...).  After NIS is up, the lab tech will be able to
modify users via KMUser without having to wait until cron duplicates the 
passwd and shadow password files (via ssh/sftp).

Unfotunatly NIS+ is not ready for primetime on linux, so I am blocking
NIS at the router and using plain NIS (no encryption...).

here is the URL:



On Tue, 3 Aug
1999, Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> Bill, this is a great idea. I was amazed at how much educational software for Linux has been identified. Is Wil aware of this post as he does not watch the seul-edu mailing list? My only suggestion is to try to order the topics in some way. Also, I don't
> believe I saw the administrative software mentioned and I did notice a typo GIMP (GIMMP). Overall this is a big step forward.
> Bob