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Offtopic: "SEUW": Simply build LESSONS & DOCUMENTATION (fwd)

Got to my hands (as relcom.education moderator). I felt like it
could be sent here just as a glimpse of another world, SEUW :-)

Roman Souzi
(Yes, I think "o" added will give better idea of how my surname
is pronounced)


 Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 14:28:05 +0200
 From: Eric KASTLER <awp@infonie.fr>
 To: relcom-education@oleane.net
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 Subject: Simply build LESSONS & DOCUMENTATION

Message from :
AWP fr : an Association of Windows Programmers ...

We had the idea posting this small advertising page on this forum as we
think AWPHELP, which is a Help Authoring Tool, can interest most of You.

Effectively, lot of teachers & students already use it in order to build
lessons, documentations etc... into hypertext Windows Help files.

Have a look at our Site and download FREE this usefull Shareware !

URL    : http://awpfr.virtualave.net  ( US Site )
         http://www.multimania.com/awpfr ( FRENCH Site )


System : Win95/98/NT.
Languages : ENGLISH, FRENCH & GERMAN for Eurocalc ( soon for AWPHelp )

Our Shareware :

* AWPHELP is a Help Authoring Tool. Create easily and quickly Windows Help
Note : We are right now using it for our software help files, for all our
documentation, for our lessons etc... it is really a very usefull tool...
References : French social insurance organization, some banks, schools,
database managers etc...

Our Freewares :

* EUROCALC : convert any money in EURO. Calculate change rates.
* XTABLE : check your knowledge in multiplication tables.
* WHOAMI & WHEREAMI : 2 file Utils. Know what a file extension means
 Database furnished ) and obtain it's whole path.
* MASTER MIND COLOR : a P.C. version of the classical educational game
"Master Mind".
* AWP2000 : year 2000 decounter. almost finished :-)



Our goal is to distribute programs which are not only "Just what you Want!"
but also "Only what you Need!".
In other words, useful, intuitive and friendly programs anyone can easily
We are always developping on our sparetime. The software tools we use are
not always free.
By distributing some programs as SHAREWARE, we hope to have YOUR support so
that we can continue toward our goal.

When developping time is not too important we distribute our softwares as

Another point is that we want to show that softwares which are developped by
non-professionals can be usefull and can even be very efficient.

* There is no better programmer than the one who needs the software.
* It is our philosophy, programming what WE need and distributing it.

We have, of course, a number of ideas and projects in developement and
others in planning. We hope some of them will suit you.


Please send us your comments and suggestions to help us improve our
products, we would be happy to receive them.

AWP fr Team

e-mail : awpfr@compuserve.com
URL    : http://awpfr.virtualave.net  ( US Site )
         http://www.multimania.com/awpfr ( FRENCH Site )