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Re: Projectg Seagull was: OpenClassroom

> It does seem to be lacking a word processor though it does come with a
> notepad style text editor. I downloaded the pine source the other day to
> examine pico and see if it was worth pursuing forking UW's code to give
> pico a more word-processor feel. It looks like it would be worht a go if
> there is sufficient interest in a text-based wp. The next big question is
> when am I going to have time to work on it :) Hopefully I can get some of
> the members of the LUG@UTD interested in it.

I'm afraid pine and pico are both not Open Source.  I can't 
remember the details, but there's something about not distributing 
modified binaries.

But there's a plethora of text editors out there.  Probably some of 
them are both unencumbered with license problems and better 
than pico.

If you combined a somewhat-modified text editor with some printing 
system (like TeX, though again there are a number of options) it 
could be, more or less, a word processor.  But you can't have 
typewriter-like output in a word processor anymore.  There's 
something weird about it nowdays.

Word for DOS actually had, IMHO, a quite nice text-based 
interface.  But I could never get it to print proportional fonts.  

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>