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While I was surfing away earlier today, I stumbled across a thing that I think
may worth another look, particularly for the people of seul-edu :


The webpage mentioned that the technology is FREE, although it is not GPLed. It
is MS-Windows based, but the idea behind the technology may be useful when
dealing with teachers who aren't very familiar with the computing technology.

	The whole point, I think, is the ease of use for
	the implementors - the teachers, the educators,
	in seul-edu's context - and if this "directupdate"
	technology can help to disseminate useful programs
	into schools, I think it is worth a look.

There is a ftp site too. It is located at


And there are things for developers as well.

I haven't spent much time with this thing yet, so there are still lots of
questions that may have yet to be answered.

Even if the "directupdate" technology itself is not suitable for use with the
seul-edu programs, the idea behind the technology could have been implemented by
seul-edu and other open-source communities.

Disclaimer:	I have no connection with, nor will I
			profitted	from the "directupdate"
			technology, and/or the company behind it.

Best regards,
Sean Cynard