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Re: gperiodic is officially part of debian (was Re: gperiodic debianpackage complete except for man page)

> I got the word from the auto installer email robot that gperiodic has been
> made a part of the unstable debian "potato" distribution.


> So far, I have packaged 1.0.5 and 1.1.1. Before I upgrade any further, I
> would like to ask to have the build makefiles be consolidated between the
> author and myself. I have created recursive makefiles that will likely
> work in most situations; I'd like to see those included.

I don't write the makefiles, one of the contributers (Arno Peters 
<A.W.Peters@ieee.org>) changed the software so it uses automake/autoconf 
to build the makefiles automaticly.  It was Arno that added in the 
internationalization/gettext code.

> Two other things I can think of at the moment:
>  - is the multiple language support done using C's locales libs?

It uses the gnu gettext package.

>  - there are more than 118 elements (someone said to me, approx. 143)...
>      can we get the others in as well?

I didn't have data for those elements.  I could put in empty placeholders
for them, but I could only find periodic charts that had up to 118 elements.

What kinds of changes did you require for the makefiles?


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