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Re: Logo

Scott Raney <raney@metacard.com> wrote:
> True, but I don't see the point.  We're not talking about selling
> MetaCard to these schools, but a separate product based on MetaCard (a
> MetaCard *application*).  This could be given away free (no
> royalties).  To turn your argument on its head, this is way less money
> than those schools are paying for HyperStudio or probably even Logo
> now (most versions of it are commercial, and as I understand it, the
> installed base of the commercial versions vastly outnumber that of the
> free versions).

Could you clarify what you're thinking about in terms of licenses 
and pricing?

To me, it seems that a HyperStudio-like interface would change the 
outside interface of MetaCard, but would still use and expose most 
of the application-creating functionality.  So I assume, having 
created this, you couldn't just distribute it.  While it would be a 
limited version of MetaCard, it would still be the MetaCard 
product...?  Or are you saying, so long as there's significant value-
added and the original MetaCard editting interface is replaced that 
you'd consider it an application, free to be distributed by the author?

Or, is it to say that you could create the application, but that users 
could only use it under the terms of the Starter Pack, i.e., with a 
limit on the length of scripts, etc., before they have to pay for a full 

I'm not entirely sure what you are thinking about here.

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>