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Re: Logo

> > That was me, actually.  I've become a little... I dunno... 
> > disenchanted with Guile.  Improving UCBLogo is also a lot more 
> > straight-forward, since the language is largely implemented and 
> > there's not a lot of changes that need to be done, just an addition 
> > of new primitives.
> could you explain the disenchantment?  perhaps that will help others
> cope with (or altogether avoid) it if they look into the situation.

I spent a lot of effort on translation at least in part because it 
seemed like the Guile project really wanted that to happen -- it 
seemed like a good, useful project that fit my interests and there 
was lots of stuff about it on the Guile web page and elsewhere. But 
when it came to the time when I needed help, nobody seemed 
interested or committed to the idea.  It was frustrating, because I 
really didn't have the ability to bring my stuff the last step to 
maturity even though I had brought it right up to the brink.

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>