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Re: Docs Question

Bill Tihen wrote:

> I must be overlooking something.  I don't see any links doc/cvs/sgmltools/or HowTo HowTo.

Bill, unfortunately it's not readily apparent where things are located on the SEUL site.
This needs to be fixed. Try http://www.seul.org/sys/doc/dev-faq/ssh-cvs-FAQ.html. Also go to
http://cran.mit.edu/~hopcroft/web.html and look at the string of links directly below the
header "SEUL". These are links to Roger's responses to various questions people have asked.

> I don't know what you mean by the CVS search engine either.

Sorry, I get in a hurry and don't explain things adequately. Go to the SEUL home page
http://www.seul.org and half way down on the right you will see "Search the SEUL website and
archives". Click on this and you will see a box you can type in. Type "cvs" and click on
Search. This will bring up 354 matches. Hopefully that will lead to useful information. What
this really says is that we need to get all these things clearly documented and easily