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Re: Schools List

Just as an aside here:  General Education Online currently lists higher
education facilities with web sites only.  That's why you could not find
"Yorktown High School" on the list.

Michael Viron
Project Coordinator & Administrator
General Education Online

At 02:18 PM 08/23/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Malonowa wrote:
>> After seeing "General Education Online" at:
>> http://wsdo.sao.uwf.edu/~geo/
>> I thought maybe Seul-edu could do with a similar list for all those
>> education establishments who currently use Linux.
>> What do people think?
>> Roman.
>Well, if you do create such a list, please add Yorktown High School,
>Arlington, Virginia to it.  We use Linux throughout our Computer Science
>program as well as on several of our servers.
>Jeffrey Elkner
>Yorktown, Arlington