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Re: unix typing tutor

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 23:45:16 -0400 (EDT), <jeff.covey@pobox.com> wrote:
> i'm i need of a typing tutor to teach kids to type using linux.  i
> think this is a terribly important need to fill, since if kids can't
> type effectively, they'll never really be able to use computers
> effectively.  you can find my ideas about this at:
> http://linux.umbc.edu/gits/typing-tutor.html
> i'm looking for hackers to lend a hand with this.  could you announce
> it as a project on the seul education pages?  do you have any
> suggestions of other places to announce it?
I'm sending this along to the seul-edu mailing list at your request.  Have 
you seen jtypist, a Java typing tutor that runs on Linux?  You can get it from 
the link on our software page <http://www.seul.org/edu/software.html>.

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