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[seul-edu] Spanish translated applications


A coleague of mine is looking for links to educational
applications already translated to Spanish, mainly for K-12.

The project is for schools located in Argentina, south
end of South America.

It could be fine if you can redirect us to some repository
of if you know of some distribution that have plans to
have it files translated and localised for Argentina.

Thanks in advance.

        Alfredo Pérez  <aperez@inet.edu.ar>
       Área Técnico-Profesional Informática
INET - Instituto Nacional de Educación Tecnológica <www.inet.edu.ar>
MECyT - Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología  <www.me.gov.ar>
     Saavedra 789  2º piso - (C1229ACE) Buenos Aires - Argentina
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