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Re: [seul-edu] Star Office Color Printing -Manolo

On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Robert Maynord wrote:
> in KWord -- but not all of the time.  Sometimes they come out grey.  Colored 
> text prints in color just fine in both Start Offce and KWord.

Ok, what's your printer ? What's a CUPS driver ? 

And another suggestion.
Some years ago, 1991, Wordperfect included its own drivers for
printers. Is Corel Wordperfect for Linux including those drivers?

It might be a Ghostscript bug. Ghostscript is known to be buggy/
lack of support,
specially if you printer is  a new brand model.

With Corel Wordperfect drivers the results should be different.

More suggestions, If your printer belongs to a "big" family of 
printers, like  the Epson Stylus family, define a printer 
(printool, Red Hat , or whatever) with the "General Stylus

And, if I could I would test that printer in Windows too, just
to make sure, the printer runs fine.

Be paranoid and systematic and you'll guess it, by sure. Don't trust
any "element" of the chain.

>  Gradient fills 
> print fine in Start Office. 
> I installed the most recent version of Ghostscript, as well as the most 
> recent CUPS drivers.  No change.  When I tried the CUPS calibration tool, I 
> could get a color chart to print in Star Office, but the print was quite 
> faint - even with the calibration settings at their darkest.  
> Given all this, it seems that the problem lies with the CUPS drivers.  They 
> seem to have a color threshold below which they will not print color, only 
> greyscale.
> I will continue my research..........

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