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Re: [seul-edu] education and schools

Michael Viron wrote:

> There
> are some high schools and middle schools that provide experiences outside
> of the normal courses for the school (field trips, extracurricular
> activities, and electives).

So true, but really orthogonal. The point I am circling is not a 
feature-by-feature comparison but the essential nature of the school 
system. This essential nature, the formalisation and channeling of 
otherwise ad hoc relationships and processes, has a beneficial effect 
from what may be termed and industrial or political point of view; for 
example, the system produces lots of nice numbers for rating students 
with. The price is that many relationships and processes which happen to 
not fit into the system are lost.

> It is also possible to found organizations at
> both the high school and middle school level (although most people are
> less inclined to go through the process).

It's possible to found organisations when you're old enough to type. A 
site at GeoCities or AngelFire and a bit of hammering on mail lists 
should be enough.

> Some middle schools offer programs, such as the Talent pool program at
> Harry Hurst Middle School in Louisiana, which allows students to compact
> out of a class (I compacted out of French), and pursue year-long research
> projects on something thats of interest to them.

Excellent! I wish more schools did this kind of thing.

> Another .02,

Keep going, you'll get to a dollar sooner or later. (-: