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[seul-edu] AUC 0.7.2 Released

Hi everyone,

I've just released AUC 0.7.2.  This is mainly just a bug fix release, so
those of you who have requested new features won't see them yet.  However,
this is definitely the most stable release of AUC ever, so if you've had
problems installing it in the past, give this version a try.  There's no
reason not to upgrade unless 0.7.1 has been completely stable for
you.  Also, this version has the most complete set of translations yet
(with a new traditional Chinese translation).

Here's the changelog:

- Newspaper bug fixes from Benjy Thomas <benjy@indiansprings.org>
- Added instructions for bulk importing of users (with help from Kevin
- Form templates (*.xml) can now be internationalized with foreign
- aucconf.xml can now handle accented characters
- E-mail client can be translated (broken in 0.7.1)
- Translated versions of data files will automatically be used if they end
     in .<lang> where <lang> is the language code (.en, .it, etc.)
- Fixed some installation problems
- Fixed lots of segfaults
- More robust stack tracing on segfault
- Portability fix for dlsym() on NetBSD
- Upgraded imap c-client to imap-2000
- Fixed ./configure libxml version check
- New Chinese translation (Thanks to Helen Chuang)
- Italian, Spanish, and French translation updates
- Autogenerated API docs using doxygen (incomplete as of now)

You can get it from http://auc.sourceforge.net/download.shtml.



  David Moore       California Institute of Technology
 <dcm@acm.org>     http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~dmoore