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On 2002-12-11 16:03:42 -0500 Chris Hornbaker <chrishornbaker@earthlink.net> wrote:

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 12:59:32 -0500
Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net> wrote:

Our intent isn't to produce yet another Linux distro (YALD :-) ), but an easy-to-search-and-install compilation of scholastically useful software for Linux that people can download and install over any distro. A secondary goal is to do this in such a way that distro manufacturers can take what we provide and easily incorporate it into educational versions of their distros for promotion and dissemination through their own channels.

Kinda like http://lulu.esm.rochester.edu/kevine/turnkey/home.html ?

Yes, that seems similar to what we're planning.

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