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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Kiten

Description: <p>Kiten is a Japanese reference/learning tool.</p>
<p>Kiten features:<br />
<li>Search with english keyword, Japanese reading, or a Kanji string on a list of EDICT files.</li>
<li>Search with english keyword, Japanese reading, number of strokes, grade number, or a Kanji on a list of KANJIDIC files.</li>
<li>Comes with all necessary files.</li>
<li>Very fast.</li>
<li>Limit searches to only common entries.</li>
<li>Nested searches of results possible.</li>
<li>Compact, small, fast interface.</li>
<li>Global KDE keybindings for searching highlighted strings.</li>
<li>Learning dialog. (One can even open up multiple ones and have them sync between each other.)</li>
<li>Browse Kanji by grade.</li>
<li>Add Kanji to a list for later learning.</li>
<li>Browse list, and get quizzed on them.</li>

Author: Jason Katz-Brown

Homepage: http://edu.kde.org/kiten/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Language 

Name: KBruch

Description: KBruch is a small program to generate tasks with fractions. The user has to solve the given task by entering the right value for numerator and denominator. The program checks the input and gives a feedback.

The task generation can be adjusted by different parameters. The user can decide if he wants to solve tasks with addition/substraction and/or multiplication/division.

It is possible to enter the number of ratios and the maximum for the main denominator.

Author: Sebastian Stein

Homepage: http://edu.kde.org/kbruch/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Math 

Name: Kig

Description: Kig is a program for exploring geometric constructions.

Kig is meant as a useful utility for high school students and teachers, and as a fun project for me and others. I have learned a lot by working on it, and it''s fun to work together with other people on it. I''ve written much of the Kig code myself, but I''ve also had a lot of help from other people. Please see the about box for more information.

Author: Dominique Devriese

Homepage: http://edu.kde.org/kig/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Math 

Name: KMathTool

Description: <p>KMathTool will be a collection of little maths-tools. They can be used by ...</p>
<li>Kids ... who wants to know, if their homework is correct</li>
<li>Parents ... who wants to know, if their kids homework is correct</li>
<li>Teachers ... who needs this tools to create useful (and heavy) exercises</li>
<li>Math-Haters ... who are happy not to be forced to calculate</li>
<li>Math-Lovers ... who just want to impressive tools</li>
There are already some topics what kind are realized:
<li><b>Lines</b> ... find equations, find section-points, ...</li>
<li><b>Factors</b> ... factorize a given number, find factors, find HCF, ...</li>
<li><b>geometry</b> ... area and perimeter of square, rectangle and circle, ...</li>
<li> ... more will come soon</li>

Author: Birgit Schulz

Homepage: http://edu.kde.org/kmathtool/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Math