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Re: [ok-mail] RE: [seul-edu] Remarks from a science educator

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 08:24, Greg Tutunjian wrote:
> 3.  A Fortune 100 corporation announces that they are moving off MS-Windows
> as their preferred desktop OS to Linux.  This step will assume 1 and 2,
> above, have been addressed, and will "sway" educators and the like to make
> the same changes. This corporation will have to be a U.S. corporation, as
> "we" tend to follow our own (not "me", just the "follow the [perceived]
> leader" mindset we seem to adhere to, day in and day out.)


Just an FYI, recently an IBM email was leaked and then confirmed by IBM.
There was a brief article in The Detroit Free Press (Michigan, USA)
about this. The email notified all at IBM that desktops needed to be on
Linux by the end of 2005.



John Hansknecht
Director of Technology
University of Detroit Jesuit High School & Academy
email: john use a period hansknecht funny little a uofdhigh.k12.mi.us

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