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Re: [seul-edu] good Live CD for 5-8 year old school students

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 18:15, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Doug Loss wrote:
> > > Does any one of a ready-to-use live CD that has educational activities for
> > > five- to eight-year-old children?
> >
> > > Should I try these? Any others I should quickly try?
> >
> > Take a look at OSEF's Knoppix for Kids
> Thank you. That works great. My wife liked it!
> I can't get to the Tux4Kids webpage and I don't see a webpage at OSEF
> about it.

Hi, sorry about the late reply on this.

Tux4kids had their .org domain highjacked.  We are working on legal
recourse right now (Tux4Kids is a quasi OSEF sponsored project, and Sam
Hart, the project lead of Tux4Kids is on the OSEF board of directors).

You can currently try tux4kids.com  Also the OSEF website is going
through a rework, and will soon be fully updated.

> I am looking for a specification webpage that lists all the software
> possibly provides the menus and customizations for it. Does anyone know
> where this CD is documented?

Not much if the CD is documented.

Most of the packages on it can be seen by the command "dpkg -l"

> I liked the CD and now I want to make a meta-package for NetBSD pkgsrc so
> someone can do "pkg_add osef-kids" (or whatever the package will be
> called) and it will install all the packages from pkgsrc (if they are
> already there) and set up menus the same.

We are not currently working with anyone in the NetBSD project, though
if you have contact you would like us to work with please let me know.


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