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[seul-edu] Re: EduML status and progress

Doug Loss wrote:
> I had an email exchange with Bruno Vernier and Odile Bénassy recently about
> EduML.  Bruno has had many responsibilities thrust upon him in the last few months,
> and is concerned that work on EduML may languish since he's unable to devote
> much time to it currently.  Odile is more or less in charge of the EduML effort at
> the moment because of a mailing list, clx-eduml, she runs.  This list is
> primarily French.

Let me explain :
One of primary goals of this list is to promote communication between
French-only readers and the rest of the world, so "clx-eduml@anet.fr"
should remain understandable for French people. 
Yet I encourage all of you to come and contribute. Do it in English or
any language, if possible we will translate. Use automatic translators
such as "translator.go.com" if you can. Join both texts in that case. 

We have started to build a repository for XML specifications. There are
already "QuizMaker" (a draft of my own), DrGeo and Promath. GPeriodic
and LingoTeach are on the way, and a French piece of soft called
"ProfNote", for a grade book, is under development too.

All this should be published within a few days, as soon as we all come
back to the world after feast days.

EDUML is not too difficult to learn, actually you will find out it helps
in development a lot, bringing some clarity to your own specifications
and plans. And moreover it brings future compliance, which is not a
small issue.

"clx-eduml" list is devoted to developping applications for educational
purpose, with special focus on EDUML and XML.

Hoping that I've made things clear, I wish everybody on this superb
mailing-list a Happy New Year, with lots of new edu software of course

And I grasp this opportunity to thank Doug Loss for his wonderful
activity and multiple encouragements, day after day, that has made all
of it actually possible. 

> Bruno and/or Odile, could you work up a document that defines the work that
> needs to be done to put EduML in its final form?  

I hope the repository I have prepared will fill that need. Maybe with a
little translation effort... ?

Odile Bénassy,