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Re: [seul-edu] EduML questions

Well, because I'm a GTK zealot, and I don't know anything about Qt.  :)

Seriously, though, one of the reasons I want to do a GTK version is to
keep the possibility of a Windows port open.  
I'll certainly take a look at yours, and collaborate if I can - perhaps
we can bounce some GUI ideas off each other, at least... or if yours is
modular enough, reuse some of the bits?


"Culp, David" wrote:
> Hey!!!., why don't you help me out with my gradebook app.  You can view it
> and download it at www.linuxlots.com/~dwculp
> Its getting there, but still has a LONG way to go.  Was learning XML
> (slowly) to make a transition to an XML based file format.
> David Culp