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Re: Re: [seul-edu] SIF's Zone Integration Server(

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Jim Troutman wrote:

> The ZIS is where all of the real work is done to integrate the data
> between the various programs.  It is basically a message queing server to
> pass XML "messages" from app to another (doesn't have to be real time --
> good old batch processing!).  It has rulesets that it checks for rules on
> which programs can access each others data tables, and what sort of access
> (RW, read only, etc.).
So it's roughly similar to Casbah <http://casbah.org>, then.  I wonder if
Casbah can eventually fill this function.

> yes -- it seems to me that this could be a major strategic asset for
> Microsoft if they were the only ones with a ZIS server in a year or two
> when this stuff really gets going in the field.  We can't allow that.
And looking at their license for ZIS, it looks remarkably open source.  So much
so that I've just submitted a story suggestion about it to LinuxToday,
Slashdot, and LWN.  Let's see what happens when more of the Linux community notices

> <digging around on websites>
> wow, MS actually has the code for their ZIS available.  Here is what they
> say about it:
I just downloaded it.  Unfortunately, running "file on it says, "zis-v1.exe: MS
Windows PE 32-bit Intel 80386 GUI executable"  Maybe I'll try to ftp it to a
Windows box at work and take a look at it.

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