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Re: [seul-edu] Potential SEUL logo designs


I have envisioned an adult penguin left, a
juvenile right, in front of a "GreenBoard"
classroom style, that says (Large
bold)SEUL-edu(Small Bold).  I would with your
image somewhat.  I have only crude skills and few
tools so I could only describe it in verbiage.

my 2bits

"Collette K. McNeill" wrote:
> Doug Loss wrote:
> > http://cran.seul.org/~dloss/logos.html
> >
> > Take a look at them and see if any of them are to your liking.  Don't worry too
> > much about the forground color; it's changeable.  The background color should
> > be 241 205 146, to match the color on the page now.  Also don't worry about the
> > size; that's changeable too.  I'm not thrilled about the drop shadows, but I
> > didn't have time to play with all the combinations.
> Hello,
> I personally vote for logo #11, given the choices on Doug's link above.
> It has a nice combination of readable font, sufficient space around the letters
> (enhancing readability), and proportions which will make resizing the logo/banner (and
> poss. combining it with graphics) easy.
> I'm under the impression that Linux developers are beholden to the happy, cuddly,
> non-competetive Penguin as a symbol of Linux machines/programs/systems, no matter how
> many of them you'll see in the Linux expos. It's branding...and allows people unfamiliar
> with SEUL to identify it as a Linux solution.
> I suggest an interesting variation on the theme: an adult penguin cuddling/nurturing a
> chick (representing the role the SEUL/edu organization and Linux plays in caring for
> children).  I don't have any images on hand at this moment but I can compose one if
> people think it's an idea worth exploring.
> Collette K. McNeill
> McNeill/Lynner WebWorks
> http://www.mlwebworks.com
fn:Bill Ries-Knight