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Re: Re: [seul-edu] Potential SEUL logo designs

On Sat, 08 Jan 2000, "Collette K. McNeill" wrote:

> My company does logo design, I can put something together for you.
> As for talent, I guess people can judge it for themselves.
> I propose I create three or four distinctive designs based on suggestions
> received by the end of the day and then have members vote on one to complete.
> I'd like more input from the crowd if that's possible, before beginning.
> What's the timing? When do you need this?

That'd be great!  Here are the criteria I've been thinking about.  The basic
logo should be for SEUL, with the logo being expandable in a clearly related way
into logos for SEUL/edu and other subsections of SEUL.  I think (although this is
just my inexpert opinion) that it should be primarily textual, with any
non-text graphics used as accents.  It needs to fit in the space in the upper left
corner of the SEUL and SEUL/edu webpages.  That's only a rough requirement; that
space can be expanded somewhat if necessary.  It should also be something that will
look good on a banner that we put up for shows.

I hope those aren't too restrictive.  I too would like to get more input from
the SEUL/edu community along with the rest of SEUL.  To that end I'm sending this
to a few other SEUL mailing lists too.

When do we need it?  Why yesterday, of course!  We have an opportunity to have
a booth at LinuxWorld Expo in New York early next month.  If we can get
something together quickly enough for that, we'd need to have a banner ready.  Given
production times, I'd guess that means we'd need something usable in about two
weeks.  Of course, if we can't put something together that quickly, our next show
will be in April.  Unless something presents itself before then.

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