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[seul-edu] StarOffice user support mailing list

   If I may interject something that's only slightly off-topic...

   I've been involved with pushing the StarOffice office suite as a
common-sense, free alternative to Microsoft Office.  One problem I've heard
about is the lack of people using StarOffice and how StarOffice users feel
overwhelmed by MSOffice users and "disconnected" from the mainstream.  So to
help solve that, a mailing list has been started to give StarOffice users
some support and a feeling of community.

   Information about the mailing list is available at
<http://www.golgotha.net/mailman/listinfo/so-user/>.  That link also
contains a web-based sign-up/subscribe option.

   Since this mailing list is just being created, we need users. :-)

   If you're a regular user of StarOffice -- or even an infrequent or
potential new SO user -- you're invited to sign up for the StarOffice user
mailing list at the <http://www.golgotha.net/mailman/listinfo/so-user/>. 
And, if you haven't already, also don't forget to check out Sun's StarOffice
support groups at <news:starnews.sun.com>.

"If the current stylistic distinctions between open-source and commercial
software persist,  an open-software  revolution could lead to yet another
divide between haves and have-nots: those with the skills and connections 
to make  use of free  software,  and those  who must pay high  prices for
increasingly dated commercial offerings."          -- Scientific American