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Re: [seul-edu] [Seul] Does Seul need any help... (fwd)

reann de l'arbre wrote:
> Re Linux World: I will be there for linux.com, and could certainly assist in
> any SEUL/edu efforts.
> Re logo: I'm a web designer by trade, and would be happy to design anything
> y'all see fit.
> Re who the heck am I: Hi all, been lurking for a few days :) As soon as
> education.linux.com launches, you'll have a better idea of who I am and what I
> do... but for now, hi, I'm Jessica, I'm a fulltime student at the University of
> Alabama in Huntsville, a Linux groupie, and an education enthusiast. :)
SEUL/edu isn't going to be there in any organized form, as there wasn't
time to prepare, but the Linux Knowledge Base project (another SEUL
group) will.  Anyone who makes it to LinuxWorld Expo should stop by and
say hello.  As to the logo, read through a few of the previous posts on
the subject in our email archives
<http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu>.  What's needed very quickly is
a SEUL logo for the banner the LinuxKB will be putting up.  Whatever the
design, it should be extendable to create logos for SEUL/edu, SEUL/pub,
and other SEUL groups.  The extensions should be in some way that shows
that each of those groups is recognizably part of SEUL.

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