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[seul-edu] LinuxCanada schedule

I got the dates and times for our seminars at LinuxCanada 2000 this
afternoon.  Both our seminars will be on the last day of the Expo. 
"Porting Commercial Software to Linux" will be on Thursday, May 18, 9-10:30
AM.  "Linux in Education" will be on Thursday, May 18, 4:30-6 PM.  I
suspect that makes our educational seminar the last one of the Expo.  That
probably means we won't have the attendance we might if it were earlier in
hours or days.  But that's the time, so we'll have to make the best of it. 
For our remote presenters (via videoconferencing, that will put it around
10:30-12 PM in Europe.

The good part of it is, we'll have Monday through Wednesday free to move
around the show and try to talk people into showing up for our seminars. 
That of course supposes we have enough people there and helping that we can
keep the booth staffed while others can circulate.  I'll start working on
the presentations this weekend (Pete and I already have an outline done; we
just need to flesh it out.).

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