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Re: [seul-edu] Linux & Mac OS X Server integration

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Jack Johnson wrote:

> I'm interested in using Linux for administration of Mac OS X Server.  We use
> Linux for so much already (DNS/DHCP/LDAP/etc.) and MOSXS administration just
> seems clumsy in comparison.

Oh, as an FYI for yall.

I recently was able to convince my department to free up a little cash for
a G4 and a copy of MacOS X Server, to do precisly the kinds of tests you
are trying and add the Sun factor into the mix. As yet I have not been
able to load MacOS X Server, but from reading the documentation my
impressions are that it is NeXTSTEP with a Mac Platnium look. Given those
impressions, a few possibilities for experimentation lay before me.

1) Continue to try to experiment with MacOS X Server on the G4 and then
see how well it will interface with the existing Linux and Sun
workstations (oh yeah and those Windows systems).

2) At some point the G4 will be installed with LinuxPPC.

3) I still have the NeXT Cube to integrate into my network at home.

4) If I can acquire OpenSTEP I will probably ressurect a 486 at home to
run it on, after I acquire VLB hardware that is compatible :)

5) Debian 68k is a zero priority project for me right now, though that's
mostly because I couldn't get the hardware to cooperate with me. I still
have to full distribution on a box at work to install if I get a chance to
try it again.

Unfortunatly none of these experiments are going to happen in the next
month at least, except I might get my Cube online and MacOS X Server
installed on the G4. I'm right in the middle of a move (dialed in via PPP,
yuck!) to a rent home within walking distance of the school and I'm still
picking up the pieces. I'm not even unpacked yet but dadgumit I've got my
network up and running :)

One of these days I will send an update with info about the projects I've
been involved with that may be relevant to SEUL/edu folks. Right now I'm
trying to get some people interested in the Electrical Engineering school
about a concept for a network device I have, and I've had enough success
in getting people interested I think we may be able to make something
happen :) Until I figure out how to protect my idea I don't want to
devulge the details but if it works out it would be a great boon for

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