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Re: [seul-edu] Linux & Mac OS X Server integration

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Jack Johnson wrote:

> The G4 servers ship with a different version of MOSXS (like 1.2, I believe)
> which is not available otherwise.  You may want to contact Apple and see if
> they'll ship you a different CD.

Thanks for the info. After talking with them it looks like I need to get
in touch with the local reseller and see about an exchange. Sure enough I
have 1.1 :) Otherwise they can ship an updated CD but there aren't any in
stock at this time.

> Debian/m68k is nice, if not a little slow.  X can be downright painful.  It's
> sensitive to different NICs, though.  The standard Apple Ethernet on a Quadra
> 700 gets buffer overflows continuously unless you recompile the kernel.

This is good to know :) Thanks for your info. Hopefully I can get that 1.2
CD soon to do some testing of my own. Good news is the NetInfo server will
work with the old NeXTSTEP ones (not that it makes any differance to
anyone but me, good to know though). Bad news is that LDAP isn't supported
yet though flat file exports work (kinda dirty though). What does all this
have to do with Linux? Everything ;)

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