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[seul-edu] AUC Version 0.6.1

Hello Everyone!

I have just released version 0.6.1 of AUC (Authenticated User Community).
You can get it from the webpage at http://auc.sourceforge.net/.  Here is a
brief rundown of the changes:

- New configuration directives so AUC is no longer restricted to semesters
- The list of departments can now be specified from auc.conf
- Added "DefaultDiskQuota" and "Language" auc.conf directives
- An almost complete Italian translation (thanks to Paolo Prandini)
- An almost complete Danish translation (thanks to Jens Kristian Sogaard)
- Application of some sans serif fonts in page header/footer
- Numerous e-mail client bug fixes (should be much more stable)
- Fixed compilation problems related to gettext and libintl.h
- Changed the two-character assumption about "states" to "state/province"
- Fixed a bug in which parent accounts were created without a group

Special thanks to Roger Buck for finding all those email bugs, Paolo
Prandini for making a lot of progress on the Italian translation, and Jens
Kristian Sogaard for progress on a Danish translation.

Since there are so many bug fixes and flexibility enhancement, I
recommend that anyone who has an early version upgrade.

Enjoy!  And as always, let me know of any comments, bug reports, etc. that
you have.  You can write to the auc-devel mailing list at
auc-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.  Subscribe from the AUC webpage.


David Moore

  David Moore       California Institute of Technology
 <dcm@acm.org>             http://www.mbhs.edu/~dmoore