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[seul-edu] Sorry for my absence

I've had a trying last week or so at work and haven't been keeping up as
well as I'd like with SEUL/edu.  I'm glad to see that things are continuing
without my everpresent background noise.  Roman, thanks especially for your
mentions of new educational programs.  It's important that we notice all
the new things that come out, and that we invite those people working on
them to join us here.  I'll try to get to that too as soon as I can.

David Moore, thanks for the update on AUC.  I'll mention it in next week's
Linux in education report.  On that subject folks,  lets discuss somethings
I can put in the report (which I write and announce on Monday).  The last
two have been last-minute efforts, as I've been fighting system crackers at
the university.  With your help we can come up with a thoughtful report.

Doug Loss            Always acknowledge a fault.  This will throw
dloss@suscom.net     those in authority off their guard and give
(570) 326-3987       you the opportunity to commit more.
                        Mark Twain