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Re: [seul-edu] Introdution and Greetings

TJ Miller jr wrote:
> The Intro to GNU/Linux course is clearning copyright inspection by the
> State Attorney General's office as we speak...given the bureaucracy, it
> will most likely take a couple of weeks before they hand down a "yes" or
> "no."  If it's "no", then I have to modify the copyleft and try again...
> (I'm still not used to things running this slowly...)  In either case I
> will keep one and all apprised of the situation as things develop.
> Before I bore the lot of you to death, I would like to say in closing
> that I lvoe how you've managed to corral software and development
> resources in one spot - even though my own programming skills are crude
> and barely usable, I look forward to pitching in and helping wherever I
> can.
Thanks for the intro, TJ!  We look forward to putting up a link to your
course when we can.  You should look into Jeffry Elkner's OpenBook
project on our projects page.  It seems to me to be similar to what
you're doing in some respects.  It'd be nice if a collaboration ensued.

As to helping us, we certainly encourage that! :-)  In the reply to
James Myer's intro you'll see information about our task groups.  That
might be a good place to start.

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