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Re: [seul-edu] pick a logo for seul!!

> At long last,
> Several draft versions of logos for SEUL.org and its subsets /edu and /pub are
> located on http://www.mlwebworks.com/seul
> Please review and vote on a design to take to completion.  The logo will be used
> on a banner for use at conventions, and possibly used on the SEUL.org website.
> Once a specific design or set of designs is chosen, the final design can be
> turned around in 48 hrs.
> Thanks,
> Collette McNeill
> collette@mlwebworks.com
Just as a small note, 'seul' is pronounced like 'tool', not like 'sol'. I really
need to put that in a faq somewhere so new people don't keep getting confused.
(or maybe we should change the pronunciation, so sometimes the new people are
right. but i bet that would confuse issues even more.)

i really like the one with the little red outline of an apple around the edu.
but note that logos like that with itty-bitty words are very difficult to make
small and still have the itty-bitty words be legible. but i think we solved
that last time we were discussing the issue by concluding that we'd have a
'big logo' with the small words, and a small logo without the small words.

anyway. just some rambling thoughts.