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Re: [seul-edu] A new topic

Doug Loss writes:
 > Hilaire believes that we should be devoting the bulk of our effort to the
 > development of open source educational software for Linux.  He believes
 > that any time spent in trying to convince commercial educational software
 > vendors to support Linux is not only wasted (as they'll do Linux ports
 > anyway if it becomes profitable for them), but actively detracts from the
 > efforts we're making toward software development.

My opinion is that both approaches reinforce one another. Vendors will 
port towards linux if linux become more used in education
centers. What they see now does not attract them so much. If there are 
more GNU educational software pieces fot linux, there will be more
users, hence more motivation for vendors.

Last but not least : if there are good GNU softwares, vendors cannot
sell things which become useless. So if you use some money, it should
be for something worth of it.

Satisfied users of linux can spend some time in linux advocacy, there
will be no damage for developpers.