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[seul-edu] Technology and Learning magazine

Please take a look here:


This is a magazine published by one of the major publishing houses
(CMP) that deals with technology and education.  Lloyd Tabb recently
had an article about his Harvey web software published there.

I was thinking that this might be a good vehicle for us to put
ourselves in front of the non-free-software educational community,
like Bill's attendance at the California CUE conference or Karl's at
FETC (is that still on, Karl?).  If we could present them with an
article (or preferrably multiple articles) on SEUL/edu, actual free
software use in schools, and other advocacy-type stuff, it might get
our efforts and ideas before a much wider audience.

I think such articles would be better coming from teachers and
administrators who are actually implementing free software in
schools than from people like me who are basically techies with a
strong interest in free software in education.  That's why I'm
calling on you folks to look this website over and consider
contributing articles to the magazine (there are instructions on
doing that on the site).

If anyone knows of similar publications in other languages and
countries (I'm pretty sure this one is US-centric), please let us
know and let's see if we can place articles there too.

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