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Re: [seul-edu] X-Terminal app server specs

Chris Hedemark wrote:

> Will this machine also be your file server?  That is, will home directories
> be stored on it?  If so, you may want to spec out a second hard drive for
> /home.
> For the power supply, you may want to upgrade from the surge supressor to at
> least a small UPS so the server can shut down automatically if the power
> goes out.

Both good points.  Yes, it probably will be the file server too.  I suspect
we'll try first with one drive (cost is a definite concern, or we wouldn't be
talking about obsolete Macs as XTerminals), and if performance is unacceptable
go with a smaller drive for /, /usr, /boot, etc. while keeping /home on the 30
GB one.

The UPS is a good idea, which again will depend on costs.

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