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[seul-edu] gnuplot guide and wiki proposal

L Prevett has put up a webpage containing Robert Chassell's notes on
using gnuplot from GNU Emacs Calc mode at
<http://math.cochise.cc.az.us/mtg/emacs_calc.html>.  It's also part
of the Math Teacher's Guide in the "Basic Skills" section under
graphing.  LP also had this thought:

"Once a finished document [Math Teacher's Guide] is in place, it
might be interesting to
put the whole thing into a wiki and use it as a core for a more
spontaneous collaboration. That's just a thought - it will be up to
you to decide what to do with the document once it's really

That's an interesting idea, and one that we haven't gone into in any
depth before.  What do you think of the idea of a (or more than one)
SEUL/edu wiki?  Oh, and could someone post a good explanation of
what a wiki is and how it works for those unfamiliar with the
concept?  Thanks.

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