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Re: [seul-edu] SEUL/edu wiki test

lp wrote:

> This looks very useful! I can imagine a variety of ways to use it,
> expecially for math.
> If Seul is to use a wiki, I would suggest using it for rapid development
> of special projects. The math teachers guide is a good example.
> Because I am interested in math, I could take links and ideas that
> come from the mailing list and put them into a section of a wiki
> for math, (or even a special wiki for math.)
> Seul could pull out sections of the wiki and put them into
> docbook format for more stable and 'official'  documents
> according to their own needs and interests.
> I like wikis. They possess an 'organic' and a 'human'
> element  unlike any other web application that I've
> ever seen.

I like these thoughts.  But I'm not sure how to use a wiki.  Currently we
have a mailing list.  Lists are classic "push" technology--messages show up
in your regular mail box without you having to do anything proactive to see
them.  Wikis (and web fora generally) are more "pull" technologies--you have
to actively choose to go to the site to use it.  I'd hate to see the
vitality of SEUL/edu split between those who only use the mailing list and
those who only use the wiki.  I think we need to figure out how these two
communication tools can best work together before we put up a wiki

I guess I'm echoing LP's idea of using a wiki for rapid development of
documents.  Any other good possibilities?

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