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[seul-edu] Linux DTP - Icesculptor

To all,
    A few months ago I asked whether there was a Linux DTP program available suitable for classroom use. Somebody mentioned IceSculptor from Chilliware. Well, they finally got their ftp site working and I downloaded a demo that seems to work. However, it's one of those crippled versions that doesn't let you save documents. Their support is horrendous -- I'm still waiting for a response to an email from a month ago -- so before I spend $79 I'd like to find out if anybody else has used it, and what y'all think of it. Any experience with it?
    By the way, the Adobe Framemaker beta was fine while it lasted, but they discontinued it as of 12/31/00. Now it will only run if you reset the system clock to before that date, but then you get all sorts of other system problems because of config files with dates in what the machine thinks is the future.
Dave Prentice