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Re: [seul-edu] LWE break for Linux in education report

And me!! I fly out tonight. See you guys soon! BTW. Doug, can you print me
out a Seul badge, so I can go into the exhibits hall tommorow, while
everything is being setup. I got my speaker badge, but i dont think that
will let me in before things open on Wednesday. I manned the Seul booth
almost full time in San Jose, I wont be able to this time, but will spend
some time, and perhaps can help setup again.

Jeff Knox

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Subject: [seul-edu] LWE break for Linux in education report

> There won't be a Linux in education report this week, as all my
> efforts are being directed toward the SEUL presence at LinuxWorld
> Expo in New York.  I hope to get a report together next Monday.  In
> the meantime, keep discussing things on the seul-edu mailing list
> while we're gone!  Here's your chance to talk about Pete, Roger, and
> me while we're not looking!
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