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[seul-edu] Invitation to Online Seminar on Open Source and Education

Hello Everyone,

3 week Online Seminar about Open Source and Education starts Feb 5

A group of educators (including me) are going to moderate an online seminar (sponsored by the Global Educators' Network, a
Government of Canada initiative) starting feb 5 (for 3 weeks) called "Open Source and Education". The Seminar itself is "open
content" and open to all but you do need to register (see instructions below). You are warmly invited to join in and/or invite those
around you to do the same. Latecomers and Lurkers are equally warmly invited (and all are gently encouraged to delurk and
participate if possible)

This will include opportunities to learn to use wikipages effectively


GEN Seminar 14: Open Source for Educational Software

Date: 5 February 2001 - 24 February 2001

Moderators: Frances Long, Claudio Orea, Griff Richards, Bruno Vernier

Description: What does open source mean to you? Who benefits and how? Join us in this GEN seminar to explore:

     issues around intellectual property in online education
     licencing options
     culture, attitudes, and traditions
     expectations, risks and deceptions
     benefits of getting involved

Does this sound like a seminar just for programmers? You're right, it's not! All educators should be involved in shaping the tools they

INSTRUCTIONS and CONTEXT for signing up for this online seminar:

The Global Educators' Network (www.myvirtualu.com/GEN), sponsored by the TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence
(www.telelearn.ca), is an international community of educators, administrators, students, and researchers participating in the
advancement of online education. GEN activities include special interest groups and online seminars on topics related to all aspects of

This month we are pleased to provide an opportunity for the education community to learn about the issues and challenges related to
open source initiatives for educational software.

For more information and to register for this seminar go to: http://www.vu.vlei.com/vu/tlnce/PublicReg Click the box beside the "Open
Source for Educational Software" seminar, then select the "register" button. (You may need to scroll down)

You will then be led through the process of becoming a GEN member. Make note of your ID and password. This will give you access
to the Open Source seminar after February 4, 2001, as well as read-access to all of the past seminars, and general discussion spaces.

If you have any questions about the Global Educators' Network, or need help accessing the seminars, send e-mail to Sylvia Currie