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FW: [seul-edu] members and supporters

Another message from Larry.

From: "prevettl" <comal@gopenguin.com>
To: Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>
Subject: Re: [seul-edu] members and supporters
Date: Tue, Jan 1, 2002, 9:02 AM

> I didn't want to get into differing categories of
> membership, as I think that can be divisive. 

Is it possible to have separate listings/categories
that are "informative" rather than devisive? There is quite
a lot of ignorance about Linux, Open Source software and how
it affords different opportunities than traditional
commercial enterprises. It might be possible to set
categories up that would, say, help a teacher in a dialogue
with administrators about Linux and Open Source software
issues. The level of ignorance we are dealing with is quite
scary actually. I worked with a sys admin for *two years*
before he realized that Linux was not just a new operating
system but that its roots were in Unix, and that all those
libraries were written in C (I know, it doesn't say much
about what kind of people can be running HS networks.)

It may be that you will decide to have only one kind of
member and just list them separately?

Sorry if these messages are little scattered. I'm using a PC
in hotel lobby and there's two kids staring at me waiting to
get on. Makes it hard to think ... I'll be back tomorrow
and hopefully the Exchange server will be back up.

happy new year

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Doug again.  My inclination is to have just one kind of membership and not
differences in the list of members, perhaps by using small icons for
commercial orgs, distro producers, application software producers, etc. (An
organization could have more than one icon.)  We could deal with Larry's
concerns about vendors controlling the coalition through membership
requirements, but I doubt there would be a problem as I'm pretty sure there
will be a lot more member organizations that aren't commercial than there
will be that are.

Doug Loss